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Descriptions of Navigator (Passenger Bus, Tour Coach)
Vehicle Body:

1. Monocoque body construction: light weight, low consumption
2. Up to 51+1+1 high-class seats
3. Reliable sound damping and heat insulating devices are fitted in the engine compartment and rear axle compartment
4. The vehicle sides are zinc-coated panel using rolling and stretching technologies
5. Chassis and underframe use wax spraying and ingesting technologies, which enables them to be erosion resistant
6. Easily-opened front access door and well-arranged inside parts provide a convenient way to do the inspection or repair work
7. Electrical powered front visor can efficiently prevent violent sunshine
8. Aluminum-made entrance door and luggage compartment door reduces the vehicle deadweight

Interior Trim
1. Fully closed luxurious luggage rack with roomy space and access door
2. Air outlets are helpful in refreshing and evenly distributing the interior air
3. Special air conditioner and video and audio equipment are fitted in the driver zone to offer more easeful driving environment.
4. Integral defroster duct has a better defrosting effect
5. The instrument console is of built-up construction, whose tumble panel design on the upper part gives the utmost consideration to maintainability and serviceability of the electrical parts inside.
6. Sink type washroom does save considerable interior space

Chassis Layout
1. Solenoid clutch, the rotating speed of engine fan can be adjusted according to the temperature of engine and intercooler air pipe, thereby possibly reduces fuel consumption
2. Over 6 air bags do well enhance the roll stiffness and guarantee a stable turning
3. Front independent suspension system does ensure the front wheels have excellent ground grip performance and efficiently reduce the impact load from ground.
4. Use of disc brake offers a better heat fading performance
5. ABS/ASR control system helps improve safety
6. Engine collision avoidance system is fitted in the rear part
7. Self-extinguishing units are installed in the engine compartment
8. CAN bus dashboard is responsible for integral data display of the whole vehicle and engine, featuring high accuracy, reliability and utilization
9. Imported socket connectors and relays

Specifications of Navigator (Passenger Bus, Tour Coach)
Model No. LCK6129H
Total Ref. Length*Width*Height(mm) 11990ⅹ2550ⅹ3830
Max. Weight(kg) 18000
Rated Seating Capacity (persons) 43+1+1/24-53
Max. Speed(km/h) 125
Diesel Engine Ref. Model. PR 265C/WP12.375N/YC6M375-30
Manufacturer DAF/Weichai /Yuchai
Max. Power Capacity(KW) 265/276/276
Torque 1450/1800/1550/1400/1600
Chassis Ref. Standard Configuration
Gear Box ZF 6S-1700BO
Front and Rear Axle 7T,13T
Suspension Air Suspension
Brake Disc Brake
Tire 295/80R22.5
Model No. LCK6129W
Length*width *height (mm) 11990*2550*3860
max weight(kg) 18000
Passenger seats 24-46
max speed(km/h) 120
Engine model WP10.336N/YC6L330-30
manufacturer Weichai / Yuchai
Max power (kw) 247/243
Max torque(N.m) 1500/1280
gear box
Front Axle 6.5T
Rear Axle 13T
suspension frame Air suspension/Leaf spring suspension
Brake system Dual circuit brake, drum brake
Tire 295/80R22.5

As a Navigator buses manufacturer and supplier in China, we have been supplying different Navigator buses to meet different demands of the market. Our range of Navigator buses includes passenger bus, tour coach and more. With BOVA manufacturing technology, our navigator is able to reach a speed of 125km/h. As "BAAV Bus Builder of 2004" and "Best Appearance of 2007", our buses are exported to USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Russia and more. Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us for more information.